d8b                                                 d8,          
           88P                        d8P                     `8P           
          d88                      d888888P                                 
?88,.d88b,888   d888b8b    88bd88b   ?88'   d888b8b   .d888b,  88b d888b8b  
`?88'  ?88?88  d8P' ?88    88P' ?8b  88P   d8P' ?88   ?8b,     88Pd8P' ?88  
  88b  d8P 88b 88b  ,88b  d88   88P  88b   88b  ,88b    `?8b  d88 88b  ,88b 
  888888P'  88b`?88P'`88bd88'   88b  `?8b  `?88P'`88b`?888P' d88' `?88P'`88b

(2019) 3-minute single channel HD video

Music by Mort Garson

An ode to Mort Garson’s Plantasia, a wonderful album. It’s not for us to listen to though, it was made for plants. We are obsessed with making things to appeal to other humans, but my houseplants like this video very much (it’s probably their favourite).